CNC cutting machine Pierce RUR 2500

With respect to its structural and dynamic properties the RUR CNC cutting machine is suitable not only for oxy fuel and conventional plasma cutting but also for High Definition plasma cutting. The RUR is characterized by a substantial fully welded machine frame using a digitally synchronized twin side motion control system fitted to both longitudinal rails of the machine. The machine also incorporates a high level of dynamic automation.Cutting-edge control

Technical data:

max. number of torches 4
rail span 2500 mm
cutting width * – 1 torch 2200 mm
cutting width * – 2 torches 2200 mm
cutting width * – 3 torches 2070 mm
cutting width * – 4 torches 1940 mm
cutting length   by customer request
min. parallel cut 90 mm
cutting speed  0 – 12000 (20000) mm/min.
standard cutting thickness  do 200 mm

* Technical data is valid for the application of oxy-fuel torches.