Quality policy

The company management has accepted the quality policy and supports the development of any activity aiming at the increase of production quality, the quality of products, service and working environment as well as the occupational health and safety.

We know that quality is the cornerstone of our competitiveness. This is the reason why it is our top priority. The prosperity of the company is based on the level of the quality that our customers can realize. The prosperity increase is the only method which can fundamentally increase our prestige and help us penetrate other markets. Quality is the final criterion of our abilities.

Quality and its increase are applied to everyone in our company as well as to our suppliers.

The management expects of all the employees their best support in fulfilling the commitment related to the quality policy.


  1. Customer satisfaction

Catering for the needs of our customers and meeting their requirements are priority matters of each company’s employee. Constant monitoring of our customers’ satisfaction enables us to adjust our processes in order to keep our current customers and, by positive references, to win new ones.

  1. Quality of the product

Our goal is to offer our customers the perfect product and service. This is an on-going process, because our customer’s requirements are constantly under development.

  1. Employees’ involvement

Each and every employee is responsible for the quality because each activity in the production process is a link in the chain of quality. That is why every employee must realize how his/her work is important for the company’s result. All executives, higher or lower management, must set a good example in their attitude to the quality and they must also create the environment for the others to become the same.

  1. Improvement of the production process and prevention

Our aim is to eliminate flaws in the production process. The prevention is more economic than the rectification of defects. The quality must be made; it is not possible to make it by checking. The essential thing is to observe all technical, technological and testing parameters.

  1. Involvement of the suppliers

The involvement of our suppliers in the process is important. We monitor and check all inputs into the production in order to prevent the possibility of making a product of poor quality. We regularly evaluate our suppliers’ operations.

  1. Motivation of our employees

The quality of our staff will be seen in the quality of our products and service. The motivation of them (prizing the results, further education and training) and especially their awareness of the quality are preconditions for good quality. That is why the essential thing for motivation is getting as much information about quality as possible.

Pavel Hrnčiřík
Managing director